Download VLC Media Player 2.0.6 Latest

Download VLC Media Player 2.0.6 Latest
Free Download VLC Media Player 2.0.6. VLC media player is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols without external codec or program. It can also be used as a server to stream in unicast or multicast in IPv4 or IPv6 on a high-bandwidth network.

VLC can play:
MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 / DivX files from a hard disk, a CD-ROM drive, and so on
DVDs, VCDs, and Audio CDs
From satellite cards (DVB-S)
Several types of network streams: UDP / RTP Unicast, UDP / RTP Multicast, HTTP, RTSP, MMS, etc..
From acquisition or encoding cards (on GNU / Linux and Windows only).

Link Download:

Free Download VLC Media Player 2.0.6

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Download Game Worms 3D Full Rip

Download Game Worms 3D Full Rip
Ripped Games Worms 3D is a game genre Strategy Games Turn Base, the game is still the same in terms of the 2D series before, but in terms of graphics to be more unique because of the angle can be rotated 360 degrees players like never before which only leads to a corner of the player, the excess another look at the effects of a more bombastic weapons plus ekspersi face Worms ( worms ) are hilarious and funny.. Curious With the 3D Worms games or RIP this .. please ..

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon 800MHz Processor
32MB OpenGL 1.4 compatible Video Card
DirectX compatible Sound Card
DirectX 9.0a
1.5GB Hard Disk Space

screenshot :
Download Game Worms 3D Full Rip

Download Game Worms 3D Full Rip

Download Game Worms 3D Full Rip

Link Download:

Download Game Worms 3D Full Ripped

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Download Apache OpenOffice 3.4.1 Full

Download Apache OpenOffice 3.4.1 Full
Free Download Apache OpenOffice 3.4.1. is the leading open - source office software suite for word processing , spreadsheets , presentations , graphics , databases and more . It is available in many languages ​​and works on all common computers .

Great software is the result of over twenty years ' software engineering . Designed from the start as a single piece of software , it has a consistency other products can not match . A completely open development process means that anyone can report bugs , request new features , or Enhance the software .

Easy to use is easy to learn , and if you're already using another office software package , you'll take to straight away . Our world - wide native-language community means that is probably available and supported in your own language .

And it's free ...

Best of all , can be downloaded and used entirely free of any license fees. is released under the LGPL license . This means you may use it for any purpose - domestic , commercial , educational , public administration .

Link Download :

Free Download Apache OpenOffice 3.4.1

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Download WinZip 17.5.1 Latest Applications

Download WinZip 17.5.1 Latest Applications
WinZip free download latest 17.5.1. Some like to use Winzip not? because on this occasion I will share the Latest Applications WinZip WinZip 17.5.10562 is not much different from the application Winrar is also used to protect us from the threat of virus files as well as the application used to open the zip file berextensi, nach if my friend wants to secure files mate of viruses and the like can use WinZip Latest 17.5.10562 this. please ..

Download Link:

Download WinZip 17.5.1

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Download Winamp 5.63 Full Version

Download Winamp 5.63 Full VersionFree Download Winamp 5.63 Full Version Latest. Winamp is a skinnable , multi - format media player . Winamp supports a wide variety of contemporary and specialized music file formats , Including MIDI , MOD , MPEG - 1 audio layers 1 and 2 , AAC , M4A , FLAC , WAV , OGG Vorbis , and Windows Media Audio . It supports gapless playback for MP3 and AAC , and Replay Gain for volume leveling across tracks . In addition , Winamp can play and import music from audio CDs , optionally with CD - Text , and can also burn music to CDs . Winamp supports playback of Windows Media Video and Nullsoft Streaming Video , as well as most of the video formats supported by Windows Media Player . 5.1 Surround sound is supported where formats and decoders allow .

Winamp supports many types of streaming media :
Internet radio ,
Internet telelvision ,
XM Satellite Radio ,
AOL video ,
Singingfish content ,
podcasts ,
and RSS media feeds .

It also has extendable support for portable media players , and users can access their media libraries anywhere via internet connections . You can extend Winamp 's functionality through the use of plug - ins , the which are available on the Winamp site .

Download Link :

Free Download Winamp 5.63 Full Version

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Download Avira AntiVirus Version Latest

Download Avira AntiVirus Version Latest
Free Download Avira AntiVirus Personal v14.0.3.350 Final Full Version Latest New Updates 2014 - For those of you who are searching for a powerful application Avira Free Anti- virus Premium Full Version Software , Avira AntiVir Personal is a very powerful security application to secure your computer or laptop dar malicious virus attacks . Avira most powerful to clean the computer from viruses . Avira also has a display that is very easy for you to set the security configuration of your computer .

Avira will immediately do the blocking of the virus before running on our computer , so the computer can be assured we will always be safe from virus attacks or malicious programs .

Unfortunately, the installation process is not so pleasant . If the computers we already have Windows Defender , then Avira will suggest to remove it before we continue with the installation . But we can still " No" because it would be more powerful if we use Avira together with Windows Defender , and not as a single solution AntiVirus Security .

Although Scanning is not too fast , and you may have to wait a while to wait for Avira get rid of the virus , but terbuktu Avira is very powerful in finding a variety of harmful viruses on your computer . Still, the speed of the scanning process obviously depends on the amount of data stored on your computer , so more files means more time .

Avira promises to protect your computer against viruses , worms and Trojans as well AntiDialer protection against dialers and rootkits , spyware and adware . In addition , there are special tools to provide mail and web protection , plus a separate firewall to ensure you will stay on the safe side .

Avira is very appropriate for those who want to have a Security Antivirus Software capable of blocking viruses and Trojan horses . With the support of a user-friendly interface , and also the ability of the scanning process faster , powerful and safe , and free of course .

Download Avira AntiVirus Version Latest

Here are Some Features of Avira Free AntiVirus Personal :
Real - Time Protection :
Keeping it clean your PC from viruses by blocking , worms , trojans , rootkits and more ;

AntiAd / Spyware :
Block all attempts to spy on you and annoying adware .

Requirements :
- At least 150 MB of free hard disk memory space
- At least 512 MB ​​RAM under Windows XP
- At least 1024 MB RAM under Windows Vista / Windows 7
- For the installation of Avira AntiVir Personal : Administrator rights

title : Avira Free Antivirus Personal
The file name : avira_free_antivirus_en.exe
file size : 132.22MB
OS : Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64
language : En -US
license : Non - Commercial Free
Author : Avira GmbH ( )
Download Link : DOWNLOAD - 132.22MB

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Download Mozilla Firefox 28.0 Beta 8 Latest Update 2014

Download Mozilla Firefox 28.0 Beta 8 Latest Update 2014
Free download Mozilla Firefox 28.0 Beta 8 finals Recent Updates 2014 full version offline installer . Download free software is the fastest browser and not slow and widely used by the computer user . Currently Mozilla Firefox has been updated to the final version of Mozilla Firefox 28 beta 8, which can be downloaded for free . The Mozilla browser is Beta version . In Firefox 28.0 Beta 8 version , there are many improvements to ease you in trouble in the surf.

Software Mozilla Firefox is the most popular web browsers , and even all the user / computer users in various parts of the world would have been the best browser installed . Mozilla Firefox has become king in terms of browsing on the internet , and of course with license Free ( free ) , sleek looks very easy for users . Moxilla Firefox has a myriad of features that are always being developed for Microsoft Windows , Mac OS X , and Linux so that the user can do web browsing with a fast , safe , and easy to use . Have you updated to the latest version .

Screenshot :

Download Mozilla Firefox 28.0 Beta 8 Latest Update 2014

Title : Mozilla Firefox 28.0 Beta 8
File Name : Setup Firefox 28.0 Beta 8.exe
File size : 25.19 MB
OS : Windows XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64 / Windows8 / Windows8 64
Language : multiple languages
license : Open Source
Author : Mozilla Organization ( )

Mozilla Firefox 28.0 Beta 8 - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD - ( 25 MB )
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Download Bluestacks Android Emulator for Windows Laptops

Download Bluestacks Android Emulator for Windows Laptops
Free Download Bluestacks To run Android applications and games on a Windows laptop computer. How to run android application android game and play through the computer / laptop using Bluestacks Software Latest Update 2014 Android Emulator to run all android apps and games on your PC / computer. For you who do not have advanced smartphones with the Android OS can now enjoy all the android apps and games on your computer through this application.

With Bluestacks you will be able to enjoy all the chat application which is currently the most popular widely used by many people including WeChat, Line, KakoTalk, WhatsApps, instagram and my favorite and the most popular is the Blackberry Messenger (BBM) which already can be used in Android. Not only that, all the exciting games, including game actions, adventure, strategy and all games available on android you can play in your computer using this application.

After Bluestacks application installed on your computer, all your favorite applications and games on android can be downloaded through the app store google play that already exist within the application and run android apps and play games on your computer or laptop with BlueStacks app.

Screenshot Bluestacks Android Emulator

Download Bluestacks Android Emulator for Windows Laptops

Download Bluestacks Android Emulator for Windows Laptops

Download Bluestacks Android Emulator for Windows Laptops

Bluestacks you can download via the official website here - free without pay. There are two versions for Windows and MAC OSX. Please download seseuai your computer's operating system. But before you Fetching check the system requirements below.

System requirements :
Operating Systems : Windows 7 , Windows 8
Bluestacks requires 1 GB of RAM
HDD : 90MBs of free space

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Download Microsoft Security Essentials 4.4.304.0

Download Microsoft Security Essentials 4.4.304.0
Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus 4.4.304 is a freeware from Microsoft's official functioning artificial eradicate harmful viruses that attack PCs buddy DownloadNow. Support the operating system Windows XP, 7, 8, and 8.1. These applications include use as a light in a low specification PC can use this antivirus microsft belong.

Download Microsoft Security Essentials 4.4.304.0

Download Link:

Microsoft Security Essentials 4.4.304.0 for 32 and 64 Bit (Via Media1fire, 23 MB)

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Download Mirillis Action! Full

Download Mirillis Action! Full
Mirillis Action Full + Patch is an application for recording screen captur functioning desktop screen pal. Applications can also be recording the screen while playing games my friend. In addition to the desktop screen recording application can also be recorded sound, still stout other features.

Download Mirillis Action! Full

Nb: How to install already exists in the file you downloaded.

Download Link:

Download Mirillis Action Full + Patch (Media1Fire 25 Mb)

Download Patch Only (Medi1Fire 3 Mb)

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Download SuperEZ Wave Editor Pro 12.2.1

Download SuperEZ Wave Editor Pro 12.2.1
My friend all have an audio file that you want to cut on a part time? SuperEZ Pro.2.1 Wave Editor is an audio editor application serves to cut, remove noise or other audio files. In addition to editing my friend can record or record audio through the jack on the device microfone PC buddy in There are many features in applications such as toll Effect, Transport and many others.

Download SuperEZ Wave Editor Pro 12.2.1

Download Link:

Download SuperEZ Wave Editor Pro 12.2.1 + Serial (Media1Fire, 11 Mb)
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Download Transtool Paradox 9 Runtime Full

Download Transtool Paradox 9 Runtime FullSoftware called transtool paradox 9 runtime is software that serves to translate from English to Indonesian and vice versa from English to Indonesian.
For those friends who have been requesting DownloadNow transtool padadox 9 runtime software, please download it for free.
Transtool paradox 9 runtime DownloadNow share and the full version is already pre -activated so that all the friends will not trouble for activation.

How to Install :
Extract using winrar
Run Setup.exe
Click Next and Enter the name or names DownloadNow buddy can also
Then click next and next again
Then click Install and wait until the process is complete
Then click Finish
Done .

Download Link :

Download Transtool Paradox 9 Runtime ( Sharebeast 27 Mb )

Download Transtool Paradox 9 Runtime ( Link Mirror 1 Tusfiles 27 Mb )

Download Transtool Paradox 9 Runtime ( Link Mirror 2 RGhost 27 Mb )

Download Transtool Paradox 9 Runtime ( Link Mirror 3 180Upload 27 Mb )

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Download Sketchup Pro 2014 Full

Download Sketchup Pro 2014 Full
Sketchup Pro 2014, which is commonly used in the know with the Google Sketc Up now replaced with the latest version of Trimble Sketch Up 2014.  The function of this application pal can create objects such as house building, tall buildings, swimming pools, fences or other with a 3D effect.

With features and display easy to understand so that my friend can use this application better.

Download Sketchup Pro 2014 Full

Download Link:

Download Sketch up Pro 2014 + Crack

Download Crack Only

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Download Portable Photoshop CS6

Download Portable Photoshop CS6
Adobe Photoshop is a graphics design application is used to edit a photo. Photoshop a photo editing features and popular because of good tollsnya so no doubt in terms of process images. If my friend was looking for a portable version on this occasion I share Adobe Photoshop CS6 Portable version.

Download Portable Photoshop CS6

Download Link:

Download Photoshop CS6 Portable ( via )

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Download Adobe Flash Player 11.8.800.75 Beta (Non-IE) Latest.

Download Adobe Flash Player 11.8.800.75 Beta (Non-IE) Latest.
Download Adobe Flash Player 11.8.800.75 Beta (Non-IE)

Download Adobe Flash Player eleven.8.800.75 Beta ( Non - that is ) Latest . transfer Offline Installer Free Flash Player - Adobe Flash Player could be a browser plugin that gives high - quality content to your pc and work with nearly all well-liked browsers used .

By putting in the Adobe Flash Player runtime , you may be ready to access content on-line streaming of the best quality and swimmingly , and additionally to play HD videos on-line right in your browser window .

Adobe Flash Player works on the foremost well-liked browsers , as well as net person , Mozilla Firefox , Google Chrome , hunting expedition and Opera .

Adobe Flash palyer has Become a crucial demand to be put in on each pc , it's as a result of to fancy access content with the performance show plugin dinternet your browser .

Adobe Flash palyer has been put in on over 750 million net -connected desktops and mobile devices , Flash Player allows Organizations and people to make and deliver expertise to massive digital access to their users .
Immersive experiences with Flash video , content and applications with full-screen mode .
Low - information measure , high - quality video with advanced compression technology .
High-fidelity text victimisation the advanced text rendering engine .
Real-time dynamic effects with filters for Blur , dropshadow , Glow , Bevel , Gradient Glow , Gradient Bevel , Displacement Map , winding , and Color Matrix .
Innovative Compositions media with eight - bit video alpha channels .
Blend modes , radial gradient , and stroke enhancements .
Additional image formats : GIF , Progressive JPEG , and PNG .
This transfer is that the standalone installer for Firefox , Opera and alternative lizard - based mostly browsers .

In the beta version of Flash Player eleven.8.800.75 ( Non - that is ) is AN update on a number of the steadiness and security enhancements . Please transfer the newest update for this .

Please be downloaded by clicking the transfer link below the official website malalui adobe
 flash player :
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Download Uniextract 16 Full.

Download Uniextract 16 Full.
Legroom 's Universal Extractor may be a free extraction tool designed to allow you to decompress and extract files from nearly any archive , as well as some you almost certainly have not detected of before . What it can not do is produce archives ; the developers ar quite clear that Universal Extractor is not meant to require the place of utilities like 7Zip or WinRar .

Instead , it bundles along a range of backend utilities helpfull . it is a welcome boost to your Windows toolkit , and nice to own around after you would like it , though that is not fairly often.

Universal Extractor contains a program that's pared all the way down to the essentials : File , Edit , and facilitate menus ; File choice and destination fields ; and OK and Cancel buttons . the assistance button diode to the program 's Data processor , that Offered directions , screenshots , technical details , and a listing of the supported formats starting from . aces to . zoo , Including .7 z .

the positioning conjointly offers a full -of-life forum providing translations , feedback , and support . On the program 's Edit menu , we clicked the growing niche to Preferences , that opened a compact list of settings like a language menu , rectify the file directory fields , and check boxes for Format - Specific choices . victimization this tool might hardly be abundant Simpler : we browsed to associate growing niche to archived files to open , the elite of the destination directory ( the default is that the same Because The supply files ) and ironed OK . Universal Extractor did the remainder . once we opened the folder targets , our files had been extracted , as we'd expected .

Universal Extractor proven a straightforward , versatile tools and a decent performing artist . In fact , we would like growing niche to solely we'd had some extremely obscure archives to be had to Convey it a challenge . however we growing niche to commit to keep it around for those rare occasions however once we regularly bump into a file sort that our default tool can not extract the archive .

Publisher 's Description

Universal Extractor may be a program designed to decompress and extract files from any kind of archive or installer , like tone or RAR files , self-extracting EXE files , application installers , etc. . The complete list of supported formats is found within the table below . It's Able to support such a big amount of varied file formats by utilizing the various backend utilities listed within the credits at an all - time low of the page .

Please note that Universal Extractor is not supposed to be a general purpose archiving program . It can not ( and ne'er will) produce archives , and can not totally replace Thus archivers like 7 - Zip or WinRAR . What it'll do , however , is permit you to extract files from nearly any kind of archive , no matter supply , file format , compression technique , etc .

DOWNLOAD NOW Via Safe4download
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Download Notepad + + 6.5.5 Final

Download Notepad + + 6.5.5 Final
Free Download Notepad + + 6.5.5 Final is an open source application notepad replacement, where Notepad + + can be a source code editor to create or edit a program that supports the programming language C + +, Java, C # #, HTML and PHP. For application developers buddy Notepad + + is suitable for use pal.


Download Notepad + + 6.5.5 Final

Download Link:

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Download PC Game Assassin 's Creed Brotherhood

Download PC Game Assassin 's Creed BrotherhoodMust have a lot of friends who already know the Download Now game called Assassin's Creed game because one of the main Assassin's Creed is a game that is quite popular among the game loving community.

Assassin's Creed series that has quite a lot of assassins creed 1, assassins creed 2 and so on, are also accompanied with great gameplay and graphics are very nice.

For Download Now friend who has been requesting this game, please download it for free.

Minimum System Requirements :
OS : Windows ® XP ( 32-64 bits ) / Windows Vista ® ( 32-64 bits ) / Windows 7 ® ( 32-64 bits )
CPU : Intel Core ® 2 Duo 1.8 GHZ or AMD Athlon X2 64 2.4GHZ
RAM : 1.5 GB Windows ® XP / 2 GB Windows Vista ® - Windows 7 ®
VIDEO : 256 MB DirectX ® 9.0 - compliant card with Shader Model 3.0 or higherDX : 9.0
SOUND : DirectX 9.0 - compliant sound card
Supported Video Cards : ATI ® RADEON ® HD 2000/3000/4000/5000/6000 series , NVIDIA GeForce ® series 8/9/100/200/300/400/500
Note ** This product does not support Windows ® 98/ME/2000/NT

Screenshot :

Download PC Game Assassin 's Creed Brotherhood

Download PC Game Assassin 's Creed Brotherhood

How to Install :
Mount mnggunakan daemon tools
Install the game to completion
Download Patch v1.0.3 then extract and install
Then copy crack from folder SKIDROW
Paste in place to install this game buddy
Play .

Download Link :

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Download Poppit Game Free.

Download Poppit Game Free.
On the The Poppit! Show
poppit game free

poppit game download free

49 MB, regarding one minutes on broadband
The Poppit! Show is everything you're keen on regarding Poppit in an Exceedingly fabulous, feature-filled downloadable games. Love puzzle games? Poppit can cause you to burst! The goal of this in style puzzle game is simple: simply pop and go! unharness hidden "prizes" by sound teams of 2 or a lot of balloons of constant color. Collect all the prizes to win during this fun game. once it involves puzzle games, you can not high Poppit!

Game Developer / Publisher:

Casual, Match 3 Games Free net
Release Date:
Rental Price:
x3 per play
System needs
Processor: Pentium - 500MHz or higher
RAM: 256MB
DirectX Version: seven.0 or above
Operating System: Windows seven, Vista, and XP
Download Size: forty nine MB
Additional Languages ​​accessible

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Full Download Game Mahjong

Full Download Game Mahjong
download games

Free parlour game
Embark on a relaxing journey to variety of the foremost gorgeous places on Earth all whereas enjoying the classic game of parlour game. transfer free full version game now!
Screenshots. Click to enlarge:
Free parlour game Free parlour game Screenshot Free parlour game Screenshot


Puzzle » parlour game » Board » Brain » Brain Teaser » talent » 3D »
Game Description:
Download free parlour game with beautiful 3D graphics and shut background music.
This free parlour game game with distinctive choices will keep you glued to your computer, and it’s guaranteed to delight fans of parlour game and newbies alike.
Solve the 100 and fifty fully totally different parlour game layouts in four fantastic game modes.
Download for gratis of charge the full-version game and become a master of mahjong!
Free Game Features:
- 100 and fifty fully totally different parlour game layouts;
- four fantastic game modes;
- excellent 3D graphics and relaxing soundtrack;
- Save / Load game option;
- Game statistics;
- Free full version game with none limitations.
System Requirements:
- Windows 95/98/XP/ME/Vista/7;
- Processor 800 megacycle per second or better;
- RAM: minimum 1024Mb;
- DirectX 9.0 or higher;
- DirectX compatible sound board;
- easy game removal through the Windows control panel.
Free parlour game -Download Free Game Now!

Safe4download Download Now

Full Download Game Mahjong
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Download VLC Player Free

Free transfer VLC Media Player a pair of.1.3 ( three2-bit/64-bit ) Final full Latest Update 2014. transfer and find video player software system VLC Media Player a pair of.1.3 version three2 - bit and sixty four - bit for free of charge . this is often the newest version update which may be downloaded offline installer . VLC Media Player a pair of.1.3 comes with several enhancements and extra options that ar a lot of complete .

VLC media player may be a transportable multimedia system player software system wont to play numerous audio and video formats similarly as DVDs , VCDs , and numerous streaming protocols while not external codec or program . It may also be used as a server to stream in unicast or multicast in IPv4 or IPv6 on a high-bandwidth network.

VLC will play :

MPEG - 1 , MPEG - a pair of and MPEG - four / DivX files from a tough disk , CD - fixed storage drive , and so on
DVDs , VCDs , and Audio CDs
From satellite cards ( DVB - S )
many forms of network streams : UDP / RTP Unicast , UDP / RTP Multicast , HTTP , RTSP , MMS , etc.
From acquisition or encryption cards ( on wildebeest / UNIX system and Windows solely )

Screenshot :

Download VLC Media Player a pair of.1.3 Latest Update 2014 ( three2-bit64-bit )

File transfer :

VLC Media Player a pair of.1.3 ( three2 - bit ) - CLICK HERE TO transfer ( twenty three.53 MB )
VLC Media Player a pair of.1.3 ( sixty four - bit ) - CLICK HERE TO transfer ( twenty three.88 MB )
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Download Free Game Poppit

Download Free Game Poppit

poppit game free
download poppit game free
49 MB, concerning one minutes on broadband
The Poppit! Show is everything you’re keen on concerning Poppit in Associate in Nursing extremely fabulous, feature-filled downloadable game. Love puzzle games? Poppit will cause you to burst! The goal of this modish puzzle game is simple: merely pop and go! unhitch hidden “prizes” by sound groups of two or plenty of balloons of constant color. Collect all the prizes to win throughout this fun game. once it involves puzzle games, you can not high Poppit!
Game Developer/Publisher:
Casual, Match 3, Free web Games
Release Date:
Rental Price:
x3 per play
System wants
Processor: Pentium – 500MHz or higher
RAM: 256MB
DirectX Version: seven.0 or above
Operating System: Windows seven, Vista, and XP
Download Size: forty 9 MB
Additional Languages accessible


Download Free Game Poppit
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Download Mixi DJ Music Player

Download Mixi DJ Music Player


MixiDJ is that the most effective Social Player on the web. transfer MixiDJ to your desktop and instantly manufacture endless playlists with all the foremost updated music and video clips. You don’t would love YouTube or your browser within the slightest degree for that matter. relish all of your favorite music whereas not all the audio ads inside the middle! just merely|and easily} manufacture playlists that you simply simply can share with all of your friends!

Like many admixture programs, Program4PC’s DJ Music Maker duplicates the classic DJ console, exclusively whereas not the turntables. Like skilled consoles, DJ Music Maker has twin management suites, one for each deck, with every giving variable pitch, looping, cueing, and multiple crossfade selections, and effects, sampling, and recording. it’s some choices that plenty of free tools and different competitors lack, like freelance media players for each deck, automatic beats-per-minute calculation, period of time pitch management, and period of time looking at with external mixers and sound cards. DJ Music Mixer 5.0 works with Windows XP to eight and wishes DirectX 9 or higher. The free trial version is restricted to at least one hundred twenty minutes of mixing time. we tend to tend to tried the registered program, that tested easier to use than we’d expected.

What tested easier relating to DJ Music Maker? The console, for starters. Designers unendingly conceive to pack as many controls and displays into the tiniest possible space on admixture consoles. but DJs exclusively have a pair of hands, that suggests a pair of turntables, that suggests a pair of tracks for DJ package package that do with digital what DJs do with vinyl. DJ Music Mixer’s dark-toned console is busy, too, at first look. but once we’d supplementary some tunes and loaded one each into Deck A and Deck B, the console’s vibrant buttons and displays came to life. This program tested easy enough to simply begin collaborating in files and pushing buttons and sliders to envision what came out of our speakers, that will be a sensible issue as a results of there's no facilitate file, though the publisher’s data processor has some screenshots and different resources. we tend to tend to started with a pair of similar tunes dubbed off Associate in Nursing platter, that created for an interesting mix with none effects. but the results tab let add echo, reverb, distortion, gargle, and different effects, and so the the} 10-band stereo constant equalizer (that’s twenty sliders) not exclusively bought area acoustics but conjointly confined legion planned environments. many controls is barred for party time, too.

DJ Music Maker 5.0 costs relating to identical as a second of studio time. Its two-hour trial is long enough to induce at home with, and plenty of some time to possess fun with it, too. We did!
Editors’ note: typically|this can be} often a review of the whole version of DJ Music Mixer 5.0. you’ll be ready to use the trial version for two hours.

DJ Music Mixer – Generate, mix, and edit MP3 mixes – transfer Video Previews:
Publisher’s Description
From Program4Pc:

It is leading-edge and aspiring DJ package package for mean and novice DJs. DJ Music Mixer’s innovative feature set, reliable admixture engine and intuitive interface will insure that you {simply|that you just} simply ” Rock the Party ” nightly. machine-controlled beat matching, real time effects, sampler, smart iteration, pitch shifting, video admixture, and a lot of nice choices unit of measurement all at your finger tips.
Professional DJ and Audio admixture package package: the foremost powerful and mean DJ package on today’s market which contains all the advanced choices a real DJ wishes. Combining intuitive and easy-to-use interface with innovative admixture tools will assist you perform tremendous live mixes!

Most Powerful Equalizer System:

10 band equalizer with +/-15db gain for each deck will build your work easier than before, to boot sixteen predefined equalizer settings with adjustable relative mass shelves.
Cue, iteration & Remixing Control: Your music admixture area unit progressing to be completed by creating cue points and iteration want elements of music in matter of few clicks.

Dozens of DJ Sampler Decks: DJ samplers unit of measurement essential parts of a mixer package package, and DJ Music Mixer has twelve freelance sampler decks with recorder. you’ve got millions of area to load and record music parts.
Ultimate and Endless Effects: Bunch of powerful and customizable effects including: Chorus, Distortion, Echo, Flanger, etc. to make jaw dropping arts.

Line-in Inputs and Recording:

With DJ Music Mixer, you’ll be ready to set as many input channels as your sound card supports and route them to any deck.
Supporting All Major Audio Formats: this superb music mixer plays MP3, WAV, WMA, M4A and each one different common audio formats in addition as MP2, AAC, OGG, AIFF, AC3, FLAC, CDA
Supporting Video Formats to boot as Audio: DJ Music Mixer plenty all common video formats and you’ll be ready to mix them to boot as audio.

Key Features:

Precise playback control: play, pause, stop, position, pitch (Audio/Video); Automatic gait calculation; Volume normalization; Audio/Video Cross-fader between a pair of tracks; period of time pitch control; Preview tracks with separate output for DJ headphones; MP3 ID3 tag compatibility; Record DJ mixes with ability to feature Author, Title, and Album on recorded file; Album style display; Track progress waveform; fast preview for music and video; Dual-sound card for period of time looking at or external mixer use; CoreAudio soundcard compatibility;

What’s new throughout this version: Some enhancements and bug fixes
Safe4download – DOWNLOAD NOW
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Download Antivirus Smadav 2014 Rev 9.6

Download Antivirus Smadav 2014 Rev 9.6Download Antivirus Smadav 2014 Rev 9.6

SmadAV 2014 Rev.9.6.1 free on Wednesday, twenty two Gregorian calendar month 2014, native antivirus created ​​in Indonesia’s most
much in use nowadays as a result of it's been proved
able to clear the virus will interfere with pc / portable computer.
Smadav antivirus is extremely sensible and might be utilized in out of doors artificial pasangakan with antivirus like avast, avg, avira, esetnot, kaspersky etc. lain.Pada smadav nine.6 there has been the addition of 223 virus information is additionally no amendment within the main read.

Smadav 2014 features:

The addition of 223 virus information
Changes within the main read smadav 2014
The installation method has been formed
Were side to the virus detection technique USB
Bug fixes in RTP protection on windows 64bit
SmadAV is an additional antivirus software package package that’s designed to defend your portable computer.

1) more protection for your portable computer, 100% compatible with different antivirus software! Works in conjunction with your primary antivirus as a further layer of defense.
2) Best USB Antivirus (Total Protection USB drives)Prevent viruses that unfold through USB stick drives.
3) Best for offline use (no need to be compelled to update very often) Designed to be used with computers that square measure rarely or not even connected to internet. SmadAV doesn’t need to be compelled to be updated as typically as different antivirus. (Regularly updates once a month).
4) Cleaner and tools to wash the virus. SmadAV not only removes viruses but could fix written record problems in infected machine.

What’s new throughout this version:
Version 9.6.1 includes virus info 223
Added USB virus detection
New interface

Screenshot :
Download Smadav 2014 Rev 9.6

safe4download smadav
smadav 2014 full

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Download Smadav skilled 2014 Rev. 9.6.1 + Serial
Download Smadav skilled 2014 Rev. 9.6.1 + Serial

Download Antivirus Smadav 2014 Rev 9.6
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